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MyPC Backup Review

MyPCBackup Review

Overview: MyPCBackup is one of the industry leaders in convenience of use for the novice. Their desktop application makes it easy to see when backups (typically automated) are being generated. Should you push delete, many of the files will still be recoverable inside the system, adding an extra sense of security. They provide an initially free trial and some cool video support for the novice and the troubled expert.

The sync folder lets users access their folders from any other PC. That's a benefit for anyone who works remotely but also has to come into an office.

Security: Bank-level encryption has become the norm and MyPCBackup is no different. They also provide in-transit security (so your files don't get plucked mid-download) and secure monitoring while in the cloud. You can backup your files at 7, 30 and year long intervals, meaning that your delete key just got a lot less intimidating.

Initial Trial Offer: Free 14-Day Trial

Total cost of Service by Package: $4.95-a-month is paid two years in advance

System Compatibilities: MyPCBackup is compatible with the entire Windows system and many mobile devices.

Mobile: YES

Support: They have a pretty good support system, though sometimes there are some bigger gaps than the consumer would like. In addition to a very comprehensive list of basic FAQ's that would answer 99-percent of users concerns, the site goes a step further. What is cool is that MyPCBackup gives users the option of video support so that you can see the mouse scroll over a mock up screen and do what it is you are incapable of achieving on your own. Some people are just visual learners!

Why this is a FIT: Cost-effective and secure the MyPCBackup option provides clients with the ease-of-use they'd come to expect from clouds. The unlimited storage and automated backups are also a stress relief.